Underground Sprinkler Systems

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Underground Sprinkler SystemsProscape installs quality underground sprinkler systems using the best products on the market. The Wisconsin summer months do not provide enough water continually to your turf; 1 inch per week  for Kentucky Bluegrass (the most commonly used turf). In order to have thick, green, healthy turf throughout the season, lawns in most cases, need irrigation. Professional Designs - Our top designer has 7+ years of field experience including 2 years of landscape design schooling.

Why choose Proscape?
  • Design your system for head to head coverage- no dry spots.
  • Zones are set up for maximum water efficiency- do not waste water.
  • Install a wireless rain sensor on every system- do not waste or over water.
  • Use only the best products available on the market.
  • Stand behind our systems 100% and have excellent customer service.

Underground Sprinkler Systems

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