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We strongly believe in an efficient structured process for both our customer and us. The process we have originated both saves time and money. Following this process ensures we meet deadlines and clients expectations.

Our 6-step process


  • Step 1 – Brainstorm. You and your significant others or anyone involved in the project sit down discuss the project budget, ideas, deadlines, must haves, and wishes.
  • Step 2 – Decide. Choose a local professional landscape contractor. Talk with your family, friends, and neighbors to see who they recommend and pick one or two contractors to meet with.

    Questions to ask your potential contractors: Ask how long they have been in business, have them show you their work comparable to your project, ask them to explain their build process, and get references from their previous customers!
  • Step 3 – Planning and Budgeting. Create a Master Plan for your properties full potential. Plans can often be done in stages (ex. One stage per year for five years). Discuss total budget and staging budgets with contractor, review their plant, and sign an agreement with the project detailed out on paper (never verbal).
  • Step 4 – Build. During the fast paced build process, when changes or construction issues come up, swift and excellent communication between contractor and customer is a MUST!
  • Step 5 – Remit payment. Once your contractor has completed the project and you are completely satisfied, pay your contractor. Contractors are not banks. Immediate payment is expected unless other terms are agreed upon beforehand.  If you do have concerns or issues with your project, be sure to bring them to the contractors attention, a good contractor will quickly resolve any issues you may have
  • Step 6 – Enjoy. Your new landscape should last many of years with proper maintenance. Invite family, friends, and neighbors over to celebrate your new outdoor living getaway!

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Our Vision Statement...  "To creatively transform properties into an inviting, relaxing extension of our clients' living areas by innovative landscaping that enriches their properties' appearance and value beyond our clients' expectations."


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