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topdressmulch01Mulching over the top of your existing mulch is a great enhancement to your property. This is also esential for keeping the weeds down (less maintenance). If you keep a 4” mulch base, you will dramitically decrease the weeds in your landscape by creating a natural weed barrier. Plus mulching helps retain moisture and the plants LOVE it! There are many of options of mulch.

Manicured Gardens Types:
  • Colored Hardwords (brown, golden, red) 
  • Natural Hardwoods 
  • Cedar 
  • Hemlocks
  • Bark Chips
  • Cocoa Beans
When: Anytime really, but this should help -
  • Spring: before your perennials come to life
  • Fall: after your perennials are cut back
  • Events: Graduation parties, Birthday Parties, Holidays, etc.
Top Dressing Mulch


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